Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waiting for our I-800A preapproval....

There are many changes with the way immigration handles international adoption now. We are waiting for our I-800A preapproval to come. Even though we haven't adopted "Wennie", we had to fill out an I-800A form with immigration to classify her as an immediate relative before we go to China. When we got Meigan we didn't fill that form out until we were in China. Then there's another approval we need after that one, called an Article 5. Don't really know what that one is, but we will find out after the I-800A preapproval comes. We are pretty sure we will be traveling to China sometime between April and June. They way time flies, we will be going before we know it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We got LOA!!!!!!!!

On Monday evening emails starting coming in. The first one told us that we would be receiving a Fed-x package on Tuesday from our agency's accounting dept. Just the tracking information for the package. Then we got an email congratulating us on our LOA but it was addressed to someone else but sent to us. We emailed our agency back and questioned what was going on. This of course was after they closed for the day. So we waited for a response and figured the story of what was going on would be evident in the Fed-x package. So we get the Fed-x package and it's our Letter of Approval to adopt "Wennie"!

Late Tuesday night (about 10:00 pm)an email comes telling us that the info they sent us from the accounting dept was intended for us. Later (like 11:00 pm) an email finally comes congratulating us and telling us that we would be getting our LOA by Fed-x on Tuesday before 4:30 pm. How weird was all of that?

Here's the cool part to the story. We got our LOA to adopt "Wennie" on the same day that we received our referral for Meigan exactly three years later! What were the chances of that?