Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WE HAVE A LID!!!!!!!!!

Today I decided to check out our agency's web site to look at the milestones we have achieved in this adoption process. I went into our Parent Access and scrolled down. They had a date of January 22, 2009 listed as our LID. I was sure it was a mistake. Our dossier was delivered to the CCAA on January 21st. How could they possibly log our dossier in by the next day? So I emailed our agency and they confirmed that is our LID. They also said they had emailed us and told us but we never got that information. The most important thing about this is......

We have a LID!!!!!!!! 01/22/09!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to get a LID so soon! That means that we could get matched with our child at any time now!!!!! No, I'm sure the thought won't cross my mind every time the phone rings.

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