Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Nothing!

"Nothing from nothing leaves nothing, and you gotta have something". Feeling like nothing will "EVER" happen with all the dossier work we have done. Once the dossier is in China there is nothing to do but wait. Waiting is very hard. I found a blog yesterday that has left me feeling blue today. The lady who writes this blog has 4 bio kids and has been to China 4 times since 2005 and adopted children with special needs. She has just identified another child to adopt and is working on the paperwork to go get her too. If I was a betting person I would say she will get this next one before we even get a referral. Apparently, our agency is on the slow boat to China without a sail or oars. I am asking myself today why we went with our agency again. We could have been to China and back by now if we had used some other agency. Yes, I would like some cheese with my wine.

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