Sunday, December 13, 2009

Waiting.....gee that's different.

Our agency said they would not let us see files of children without having our immigration paperwork current. They told us about a month before our immigration paperwork was to expire that they would not match us with any children's profiles until our immigration extension was approved. When they told us that I was so....mad! I emailed them and asked them why and they never emailed or called me back. They match people up all the time that don't even have immigration approval yet. My personal opinion is this: They are letting us know that they aren't happy that we didn't take that severely handicapped child they presented to us. They wouldn't let us view any files a month before our immigration approval was set to expire. Sounds fishy to me. What do you think?

If I wasn't at their mercy I would tell them what I really think. But I'm going to save that until after this adoption is completed.

On another note, it took forever to get our paperwork ready to request an extension on our immigration paperwork. The forms were sent about 10 days ago and USCIS got them. But they haven't approved us yet. We still have to be refingerprinted. Yeah, you know, fingerprints never change, apparently only when one adopts does that possiblity exist. Our immigration approval expired 12.11.09. We won't have our extension approval until after we get fingerprinted so no Bailey additions for us this year.

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  1. Hi, Kathi, this is Joy. Merry Christmas.
    It is a little sad to hear about those paper work problems. That is the way they do it, and what could we do? just take more patient, There is a Bailey waiting for mommy and dad.