Monday, May 4, 2009

And once again, nothing.......

For all of you who have asked if we have heard anything about our daughter yet, we say "Thank you for asking.". It means so much to us to have your support and care during this wait. We really thought we would have at least a picture of our daughter by now. It's hard to not think about it. Every time the phone rings the thought crosses my mind that it could be our agency. Here it is May and we just can't believe that it's been almost 14 months since we submitted our Medical Conditions Checklist that started this adoption rolling. Someone needs to get behind that slow rolling and give it a swift kick.

We will update this site when we get any news. In this case, no news it not good news.


  1. Keep your fingers crossed and your hopes up. If you remember last time, it seemed to take forever. But she will be the right one for your family!

  2. Hi everyone! I have been wondering about where you were in the process and finally went back through my emails to find your blog address. I hoped to see a referral for you! I remember well the LONG wait for both of us before - here's to a referral SOON!