Monday, August 24, 2009

The need to update paperwork and fingerprints...

Our agency has informed us that we need to apply to extend our immigration paperwork. This involves getting a homestudy update and getting refingerprinted. Since immigration is so slow they ask that we start the process now (our fingerprints don't expire until 12/11/09)so that we will not have any lapse in keeping our paperwork current. The good thing about this is immigration made changes and grants a one time extension for no cost. When we got Meigan we had to pay all the fees all over again to get our paperwork extended. So this change is a good thing. However, I continue to wonder why we have to get refingerprinted. Best I remember from biology class is that the fingerprints you are born with stay with you for life. So, why the need to redo them? They are going to be the same every time! What a waste of time. We have to drive over 2 hours to get to the immigration place to get our fingerprints redone on the day and time they tell us. How inconvenient can that be?

Well there is no fighting the system. If we want our daughter home from China we have jump through all of these hoops. So we are starting the jumping process again! Yippee!!!!

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