Sunday, March 7, 2010

FINALLY.... An American name for our daughter!

It seems as though it has taken forever to come up with an American name for our daughter. Almost every name Dave liked, I didn't, and every name I liked, he didn't. We tossed around more names than I can even believe we tossed around. Nothing seemed to stick, other than "Wennie". For those of you who like the name "Wennie", sorry. The name isn't Wennie. Some people have informed us that the name we chose is pretty, but there are tons of little girls with this name. She will be one of many with the same name in her class at school. Well, so be it. Having a last name that starts with a letter that happens to be close to the beginning of the alphabet she will most likely be #1 of this name. That works. Am I just dragging this out too long? OK, a drumroll please............... scroll down please........

Abigail Wen Bailey

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